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Knee Highs

Knee Highs

Trasparenze offers a wide range of women's knee-highs and women's socks. Some of these can be used as unisex. The knee-highs or “knee-high elastic stockings” and the particular socks, are very fashionable. They can be found in many deniers: from 15 den to 70 den. Also mesh knee-highs and mesh socks are for us classic items always available in stock. There is something for everyone! From coloured knee-highs, to patterned ones or with embellishments, knee-highs in cotton, in wool or shiny and lurex ones. You will find many special knee-highs in our range of products, but also the classic warm winter knee-highs, the ones without seams and without elastic for your best comfort. The summer socks can be found in several colours and some are totally invisible, just find the right colour for your skin.

Spring Summer 2020 - Socks and Knee highs - Ambra Color gambaletto

fishnet knee-highs in fashiona...

Idra color

€ 6,35

Net sock in fashionable colors...


€ 6,35

20 den sheer sock with anklet ...


€ 10,25

lurex sock with raised floral ...

DURIAN calzino

€ 6,60

denier sock with star motif, e...


€ 8,05

sheer sock with floral pattern...


€ 8,05

20 den sheer sock with ankle t...

Spring Summer 2020 - Socks and Knee highs - melograno


€ 7,30

tulle sock with embossed drago...


€ 7,80

50 den sock with metropolis mo...


€ 7,80

50 denier sock with savannah m...


€ 6,80

50 denier microfibre sports so...


€ 12,00

perforated lurex sock availabl...